• restaurants

    All Restaurants Featured on the Show

    Our app includes all 580+ Diners from the first 15 seasons and updates after each new episode during season 16.

  • Near Me Map

    Near Me Map

    Our map allows you to find the closest 25 diners near your location. You’ll be surprised what’s nearby!

  • Filtering


    Our filter options allow you to easily find a restaurant. You can search by name, distance, season, state, and more.

  • Favorites


    Create a list of restaurants for future viewing, whether it’s a list of places you love or places you’d love to try out!

  • Recipes

    Recipe List

    Find the recipes for the food that Guy ate in each episode so that you can make them at home.

  • Videos


    Many diners have video clips from the episode they were featured in.

  • Find them Online

    Find Them Online

    Our app includes links to restaurants that have a website, Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp.

  • Push

    Push Messages

    We send a push message each time we update the app with new content.

  • update page

    Update Listings

    Find a place that's closed or want to leave a review? Each diner has an update button.

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