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Diners TV

Welcome to the best selling guide to the hit TV show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

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Why Diners TV?

  • Passport

    We are very excited to offer our latest feature, Passport. Track your route by checking in to the places you visit. Passport is available as an In App Purchase on the main screen.

  • Near Me Map

    We've added a slider to the "Near Me" map which allows you to filter the amount of locations shown. Now you can choose how many nearby locations you'd like to see!

  • Online Recipies

    We have many of the recipes from the Food Network site included in the app, and linked so you can try them at home.

  • Favorites

    Save your favorite places or save the places you want to go on your next trip. Favorites will be saved even when the app is updated to new versions.

  • Sharing, Simplified

    Share your visit on Facebook, Twitter, Text or email. Send your friends right to the place in the app that you're currently visiting so they can be jealous.

  • Your Stories

    Let us know how your visit to a DDD location went. Send pictures or text and we'll add it into the app for everyone to see.

Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives

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Making Finding Easier

We created Diners TV in 2012 to help us find locations from the show as we traveled after trying several other apps that just didn't work. It's been #1 in the iTunes Food & Drink category for two solid weeks and reached #60 in overall apps during that period. We have more than 85,000 downloads since we launched and many of our users help keep the app updated with new reviews or information about the restaurants in the app.

For more information about this app, or having your own app created, please visit golocalapps.com

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